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  1. Chris Wilson

    FAQ Outdoor version serial 10371 firmware.

    Have a look around in the "Files and mods" thread for the latest version. I had a look and I have two files X108G_OLED_FW_V2.00.1_build006(26M).xgf dated 8/5/17 and X108G_OLED_FW_V2.00.1_build002.xgf dated 24/12/16 Not too sure which one I am running but I do havea 2017 software versio date...
  2. Chris Wilson

    FAQ Function Buttons - quit working.

    Just confirming that the silver conductive paint is working for the time being
  3. Chris Wilson

    X-108 Info Xiegu X-108G Outdoor QRP-Transceiver - files and mods

    I had issues when connected to a linux box. Same issue. I connected up an old Windows XP notbook and it all worked OK. I havent tried any other devices, but I have read that the USB interface can be a bit fiddly.
  4. Chris Wilson

    FAQ X108G not transmitting

    OK I am u and running now The schematic on line is different to the version I have for the input stage on the RF power amp. The long IPX jumper feeds the modulated RF signal to the board. Its pretty low level. Maybe 50mW. You can see a test point next to the jack you can connect a CRO up to. I...
  5. Chris Wilson

    X-108 experiences Full tx mod x108g

    Removing the resistor opens up the transmit from 100KHz to 30.000 MHz I get between 15W and 22W across the spectrum. It wont fix your transmit problem. I'll post my fixes for you on the other thread
  6. Chris Wilson

    FAQ X108G not transmitting

    Hey Bob I was given one which is no longer transmitting. I have a serial beginning with an 11. slightly diferent scematic. There is no transmit to speak of. Maybe 10mW. I have reseated the ribbon cables, replaced the battery (socketed same as yours) and flashed the 7 May 2017 firmware. I have...
  7. Chris Wilson

    FAQ Function Buttons - quit working.

    I've used some silver paint on the pads of the ones that dont work and that seems to have sorted them out. They are usable now, and while I can not comment as to how long they will last, the silver seems to stuck to the pads well enough not to scrach off with my nail
  8. Chris Wilson

    X-108 Info update the xiegu X-108G

    I'll admit I didnt, however I expect that these have just factory defaulted anyway as the CMOS backup battery was flat. I have replaced it and it now remembers settings. AFAIK they are required to align the radio in relation to the filters and such, rather than the old trimmer to tweak the...
  9. Chris Wilson

    X-108 Info update the xiegu X-108G

    Quick update. Reseating the ribbon cable between the RF board and the top board has fixed the Keying problem, however I still have no power to speak of
  10. Chris Wilson

    X-108 Info update the xiegu X-108G

    Hi all My unit is serial number CXG11135 It is a 4 button version with blue buttons. I inherited it not working correctly. No transmit power. 10mW or so. Buttons dont work. Flat memory battery (a CR1220. Everything else seemed OKish This is what I have found to date. The USB port is fussy when...
  11. Chris Wilson

    X-108 Info HELP with attempted firmware update

    ... And I am using a CentOS 7 Linux box to connect
  12. Chris Wilson

    X-108 Info HELP with attempted firmware update

    Got a question. Can you simply copy the file from the radio to the hard drive as a backup. I flattened the firmware on the radio and the file I have to download doesn't want to work. Its an outdoor unit Serial number beginning with a 11
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