X-108 experiences Bad Warranty Service from Xiegu and CN Retailers

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    Sadly, my X108G experiment has ended. When my eBay seller Faymo Trading Service and Xiegu both told me that the USB/Serial port had only been tested on Windows 7 with HRD, I knew I could not use it as the center of my portable digital setup.

    I wanted to return the radio to Faymo, but they did not want it back for a "non-essential" defect. I asked for a small partial refund and resold the rig on eBay, fully disclosing the USB/CAT compatibility issue. I really liked the design and features of the X108G, but since it couldn't accommodate my needs for digital operation, it wasn't right for me. I now own a Yaesu FT-817ND and love it, but I miss the X108G's beautiful LED display and its simpler menu system.

    My buyer soon reported that the X108G had very poor SSB modulation, which was a mode I had not tested in my brief time with the radio. I had only used it on CW, and the modulation in that mode is fine.

    Although the radio should be fully covered under the Xiegu 1 Year Warranty, the buyer was getting runaround from both Xiegu and Faymo. They even doubted his claim that the modulation was bad, even though he supplied a spectral image from his ELAD SDR showing numerous spurs.

    Although the radio is less than 5 weeks old, Xiegu insists that the radio be returned to Faymo, the seller. And instead of a radio exchange, they want a technician to try to repair the existing unit. If that is true, why is the retailer still involved in the process?

    Much more about this "Chinese fire drill" has been recently posted over on the Yahoo! group "X108-Transceiver."

    Caveat Emptor...

    Bob KH6BE
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