X-108 Advanced Settings - calculation Offset - Excel-sheet 1.2

Advanced Settings - calculation Offset - Excel-sheet

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    With this excel table you can calculate the offset in the advanced settings. This is then required when you delete (by doing update) your settings… WtfArghh

    Open the unit and check what is written on the label. In my case, the following status:

    SSB 10692620 Hz
    CW 10692390 Hz

    the offset is 1100 Hz. This is what I could see, among other things, when I opened my x-108G, the label and then the advanced settings checked (press and hold F1 button while powering on). So I could be sure that the offset is also 1100 Hz. After the reset, I then entered the values in the advanced settings - for details, see Attachment

    That's it :rolleyes:

    1. The offset applies to TX and RX
    2. The BFO CW Offset is "0" - use the Frequency on the Label of your x-108
    3. The factory settings are not important. Decisive is the label on the x-108. This is the calculation basis. So you do not have to enter anything in column "F". that's only an example