X-108 Info Update Warranty is a joke

Discussion in 'Old-Posts' started by katman374, Nov 29, 2016.

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    I have been in contact with Stephen if that's even his real name at Xiegu.He has made all sorts of promise's and followed through on nothing. The radio as I earlier stated came without any wire connecting the SO 239 and of course the NB diodes are put in backwards.Then it went dead.I have tried to reprogram it and cannot get the files to open and I have tried all the tricks mention on this site as well as others.That may be because I am not a puter geek so I accept that as my own fault.But regardless this company can't be trusted nor believed . Buy at your own risk . The sales rep Mario,another fake name I am sure lies about everything as well. I have spent to many hours and to much money on this junk already.Time to throw this trash where it belongs.good luck guys you can have these good for nothing junkers I will buy respectable rigs from here on out.
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