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Discussion in 'X-108' started by DD5LP, Jan 25, 2019.

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    If you wish to connect your X108G to a laptop you will normally simply take a USB-A to Micro-USB cable as come with many smart phones.

    What about if you want to connect from a Smart Phone or tablet to the X108G though?

    There are two issues;
    1. The physical conector on the phone or tablet which will be either a micro-USB or on the latest Phones and Tablets a USB-C connector.
    2. The need for "on the go" (OTG) support in the cable. Normally a smart phone or tablet connects to a PC and the PC is the Host or Server and the Smart Phone or tablet acts like a memory key, controlled from the PC. We need the Smart Phone or Tablet to be the "master". This is possible (when supported in the operating system) by either a shorting link (in a Micro-USB plug) or pull-up resistor (in a USB-C plug).

    There are custom leads and adapters available to connect the physical sockets together but although some say they support OTG, many do not.

    What I have come across to enable the connection of the X108-G to a Smart-phone with the new USB-C socket are small plug-in boards shown at the link below - these go INTO the USB-A plug on the same cable that you use for the X-108G to laptop PC link and converts it to a USB-C plug. At the same time the pull-up resistor to enable the phone or tablet to operate in OTG mode is also built-in.

    What's even more positive is the price of these adapters! 5 of them for €1.00 (postage paid)!

    Those who want to be able to use Android based software (such as PocketRxTx) and have this connectivity problem with the XIEGU will agree, this is a great find!

    5PCS USB-C 3.1 Type C Male To USB Female OTG Adapter Converter For Tablet CBL | eBay

    73 Ed DD5LP.

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