X-108G Indoor Firmware Xiegu X-108G **INDOOR** V 1.00build004 1.0 - build004

Firmware Xiegu X-108G INDOOR

  1. admin
    Firmware Xiegu X-108G INDOOR V 1.00 Build: 004

    update instruction:

    • Firmware update tutorial:
      1. Press the frequency knob (keep the action), turn on, connect the
        USB cable to the computer.
      2. Open “ My computer”, there is a Update X108 mobile
        storage device.
      3. Open Update X108 (*), delete the file (firmware.bin), this time on the radio will show delete progress (waiting for progress to complete 100%).
      4. Copy the latest firmware (X108_FW_V1.35.1_PHYSPTT.xgf) to the Update X108 to wait for
        replication to complete, and then disconnect the USB and the
      5. Restart X108G, firmware update is completed!
      6. that´s itWtf
    Install it on your own risk