New radio file to control G90 using PocketRxTx

Discussion in 'G90' started by DD5LP, Dec 21, 2019.

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    I've just put up a test G90 (v2) configuration on the pocketRxTx central repository - if anyone reading this post has a Xiegu G90, and are trying to control it remotely, either via USB, Bluetooth, LAN or WAN could you please load the new config file through the app and test the following functions to see if they are now working please (I don't have a G90, only an X108G):
    New 3W power option (used to drive the Chinese 50/70/100W power amplifiers)
    AGC - according to the chart supplied this feature appears to use a different setting on the G90 to the X108G.
    ATU (NEW) - on/off/tune.
    Speech Compressor (NEW) - on/off
    Noise Blanker (NEW) - on/off
    Squelch slider, when Pre-amp turned on (doesn't work on X108G may be fixed on G90).
    Tuning step (location of the cursor in the display) - works on X108G but not listed as an option on the G90 CiV command sheet so might not work on G90.
    SWR values shown - presently calibrated for the X108G - may be way off in the G90.

    73 Ed DD5LP / G8GLM / VK2JI.

    P.S. - in case you don't know, the PocketRxTx program is an An-Droid Smart Phone App which is available as a free version (with adverts and some features restricted) or a full version for about €5 via the Google play store.

    It allows the remote control of a vast range of amateur radio transceivers and allows the user to customise the interface how they want it.
    Here's a link to the free version to try:
    Pocket RxTx Free - Apps on Google Play

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