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    Hello, hope this helping who try to use Xiegu X108G with WSJT-X software, if the mini usb port doesn't work.
    Thanks to Chris for help :)

    what connection did you use between the radio and the computer?
    A. A mini usb cable for computer control. (the mini usb cable may not work...)
    If the mini usb port is broken on X108G, you can try the Digimode-2 ..
    The Digimode has a sound card on the cable so no need to use computer to feed audio to and from the X108G.
    Q. Where i connect the Digimode-2 cable ?
    A. The Digimode-2 work with a 6pin ACC on the rear of the X108G. Please verify the ACC must be 6pin (with 8 pin version, doesn't work)
    Q. Wich driver you use with Digimon-2 ?
    A. driver with the Digimon-2 is a FTDI or something like that. (FTDI driver also exists for MAC OSX)
    Q. Please can you share your WSJT-X radio settings ?
    A. Yes you can find attached to this post :)

    Make note of what port the x108g is using then change setting to match. If your x108g mini usb port doesn't work, you can use digimode-2 with NO computer control.
    Manually tune x108g to frequency then WSJT is able to control the x108g rx/tx but can NOT change frequency

    IMPORTANT: be very careful with mini usb port on back of radio. Only held on by flash weld. No stud post welded to board..

    Best regards and 73's de IK1YPH Danilo

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